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Web eco-design, a unique solution to limit the ecological impact of your website!

In introduction...

The best frustrations on the web

« I can't find solutions to produce a personalized website that is adapted and optimized for my needs. »

« And your day is like this, looking for the solution. »

« My business project is viable, but the current image is not relevant enough and it does not represent me. »

« And you look like this, by dint of going around in circles. »

« I spend my days repeating the same operations, day after day. »

« And you go completely crazy, by dint of always doing the same thing. »
You know THAT?

You are in the perfect place!

And yes, and yes! We searched for each other and we finally found each other! Whether your web project looks like a newborn or an elderly person, we are here to help you in the digital development part of your business.

Because you already give everything for your company, our web agency DAFT takes care of all the digital part in order to exempt you from headaches and the temporary indigestion of an indescribable and technical vocabulary of its own.

We are here to integrate your content, develop your marketing strategy, create your website and feed it with content optimized for SEO.

Because you want to feel even more proud of what you offer and you need a consistent brand image .

And above all, you want to stand out from the rest and be … the Prince* of the moonwalk! (and your company).

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* Although we speak masculinely, we do not discriminate against anyone. Girl Power!


The DAFT web agency at your service!

catégorie intégration de contenus web agence

Content integration

A web integration respectful of SEO, fast and quality in order to grow your site at the same pace as your business.

catégorie Rédaction Web agence

Web writing

A unique and SEO optimized text to create interactivity between your business and your customers… our web agency is here to find the right words!

petit beurre catégorie Site Web agence

Web site

Responsive website creation to be visible and connect with your future customers… who will have stars in their eyes!

catégorie Market Solutions agence

Market Solutions

In order not to lose your mind by trying to find a perfect solution yourself… your mission will be to appreciate it and show it!

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But who are we ?

DAFT : freelance web agency

We are a man, a woman, a team of freelancers, a web agency or a duo? All a little artists but DAFT above all!

Because DAFT defines us in two ways. The first, simply by Digitale Agence Freelance Team. And the second, refers to our “exploratory nature”, because Daft means on the other side of the Channel, “idiot” or “fool” (it’s as you like).

Nevertheless, we would like to reassure you! Despite a particular choice for the name of our web agency, know that we are perfectly competent in the design of your digital identity. From the creation of your website to the writing of your texts optimized for natural referencing (SEO) through the integration of content and the marketing strategy to adopt, the digital agency DAFT is here for you!

logo daft digital agence freelance team intégration site web rédaction seo référencement naturel

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