Are you familiar with these words ?

« I can't increase traffic to my site, and it keeps getting smaller day by day. »

« And you feel like you're abandoned... »​

« I can't find ways to improve my presence on search engines. »

« And you look like that, by dint of seeing your site on the 10th page. »​​

« I can't assess the impact of my site, and I don't know what digital strategy to adopt to stand out. »

« And you don't know where to turn. »

We have the web strategy

Levers that make a difference


to increase traffic
To be present
To communicate

Marketing why do it ?

Our digital marketing and web strategy department is designed to get you involved in the evolution of your website, but in a relaxed way. Indeed, we make a complete inventory of your website and then we reveal our recommendations. Finally, we are working together to improve it… it’s as simple as that!

A single watchword: Gain visibility !
Who says to increase its presence on the internet, says to get new customers and thus improve its ROI … a nice virtuous circle!

It all starts with the SEO audit that is used to analyze the performance of your site. We identify blocking factors such as indexing problems, duplicate content or too long a loading time, which are not appreciated by search engines.

Once the SEO analysis is done, we suggest all the actions to put in place with, as a bonus, personalized advice!

Because there is not only one web strategy to adopt and thousands of solutions exist, we recommend the most relevant ones that are in total adequacy with your needs: redesign of your website, Google My Business creation, search for partnerships (with bloggers and influencers for example), SEO web writingcontent integration, community management…

With our great action plan, you’re ready to conquer the world… and improve the positioning of your site in the SERP (search engine results page).

Because it is important to measure results when implementing a digital strategy, we use several tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console that analyze the audience of a website and make it possible to verify its indexing.

can I see examples of your websites...

We let you discover !

It helps me a lot...

The marketing : how does it work ?

The first thing to do is take a few moments to make yourself comfortable. Once seated, complete the form explaining the points you would like to improve. This way, we can better understand your request, and see if we are made for each other.

If we say “yes, I want to”, we perform a full SEO audit . We analyze your entire site such as the technical part, the natural referencing and the user experience. This study allows you to see the paralyzing factors, which hinder your visibility.

When your site has been scrutinized in every corner by us, we bring you recommendations through an action plan. Together, we set up the various webmarketing solutions : website redesign, SEO writing, Google My Business, social media: digital communication campaigns, e-mailing…

We measure the feedback of the actions of the web strategy thanks to different tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Then we celebrate the result together.

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