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These phrases probably make sense to you !

« I waste a lot of time integrating my products and publications on my website. »

« And your days are like this. »

« I would like to find dedicated content integrators for all my web articles. »

« And you don't find anyone faithful in time. »​​

« My lack of knowledge of content integration limits my digital communication. »

« And doubt overwhelms you... »

Yes, but then how to do it ?

We have THE answer

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Web Integration

To save time
To be visible
To market

Content integration for an up-to-date site

Our web content integration service is for anyone looking for someone you trust to update their website. And of course, this necessarily involves the addition of new web articles or product sheets.

Content integration, editorial input, content update, data entry, integration of new products… all these names refer to the same service!

Whether for lack of time, operational employee or fatigue, all the reasons are valid to subcontract this tedious and redundant part that is web integration.

The specialty of our web agency DAFT? The integration of WordPress web content. Of course, we do not shy away from other CMS (content management system) like Prestashop and we will be happy to integrate various contents into your back office.

And you know the best part of it all? It is that the integration of content does not stop only at the website. Indeed, integrating text into a newsletter or calculations into an Excel file is part of the skills of our DAFT freelancers! This list is non-exhaustive, do not hesitate to contact us to share your request.

That’s all well and good, but why is it important? The integration of web content is an essential step, not to be neglected under any circumstances. Indeed, your text may be qualitative, if the layout is not at the rendezvous … neither do Internet users. In order to arouse the visitor’s desire to browse your website, we ensure that the layout of the content is impeccable and meets your expectations: bolding, insertion of links, bulleted lists, Hn tags, etc. In addition, search engines are always fond of new content.

If you are still not convinced to delegate your baby or your treasure, know that we will take our most beautiful white gloves and will show foolproof softness to make him grow.

Can I see examples of your web integrations ?

Here is the fruit of our work

It helps me a lot...

Web integration: how does it work?

The first thing to do is to fill out the form this form. This allows us to better understand your expectations regarding the integration of content.

If we can help you with your web integration, we will provide you with a quote. For any questions, we remain available.

When everything is validated, we take care of the integration of your content in your back office, the data entry in your CMS (WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify…) or the layout of your new publications.

Once our mission is complete, we celebrate our new collaboration together!

What do they say about us?

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Questions about content integration?

Here is a FAQ developed especially for you, about our content update service. It brings together the most frequently asked questions by our customers. Still have questions?
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What types of content do you integrate ?

In web integration, everything is possible. Our freelance web agency can integrate any content into your back office or tools: article, product sheet, magazine, newsletter, social media post, member page, catalog, presentation, white paper, practical guide, etc.

We also integrate content in different languages: French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Chinese… going around the planet does not scare us!

If you wish, we can also take care of creating/choosing the design of your page template using various tools. We use Canva to create graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content.

I have a very short deadline to integrate new content. Is it still possible for you ?

Of course, your request is quite feasible and we would be happy to help you! Contrary to what one might think, we regularly have urgent requests that need to be dealt with quickly, coming from large groups such as Vinci. Thus, the integration of web content within a given time while ensuring a beautiful layout, it is a bit our everyday dada … for our greatest pleasure!

In which CMS do you integrate ?

Our specialty, the integration of WordPress web content ! Indeed, we know this tool perfectly since for website creation, we mainly use WordPress. We remain of course open to other CMS like Prestashop. We take care of fully integrating the text, images, meta tags while ensuring a layout according to your wishes. Hn markup, respect for bolding and links… we take into account every detail!

What is content integration ?

This consists of integrating content, whether text or image, directly into your back office, software or web tool. The goal is for your content to be highlighted through formatting. For this, we make sure that it is impeccable: respected typography, paragraph, insertion of links, bulleted lists, etc.

On a web page, the layout is essential because it ensures the good referencing of the website especially with the Hn tags and the bolding of the keywords. PS: data entry, layout, editorial input, content update, all these terms quote the same service: the integration of web content. 

We use Malt, an external platform that ensures the security of transactions. We send you a quote by e-mail, which you must accept and fund. At the end of the mission, you just have to validate to trigger the payment and the invoice.

It all depends on the demand. For example, for the integration of web page or blog post, we usually need the images, text and any other medium that you want to appear.

You no longer have time to write and write your texts? Entrust us with the web writing of your content!

I want you to integrate my web content !

Write !

For any request concerning our content integration services, we invite you to fill out the form! We will respond as soon as possible.