If you manage a communication agency

These phrases probably make sense to you !

« Our strength lies in graphic design and our demands for web creation are constantly increasing. »

« And your days are like this. »

« I would like to find CMS integrators, autonomous and efficient, in line with my team. »

« And you don't find anyone faithful in time. »​​

« I am looking for a clear and optimized process to market these new digital services. »

« EAnd doubt overwhelms you... »

Yes, but then who to choose ?

We have THE process

to expand your offer !

White label

To diversify your offer
To stand out
To save time
For a modern image

White label creation & subcontracting of WordPress site creation

Our white label service is intended for all companies that wish to diversify their services with the digitization of all their communication media.

But not only! We have also been called upon on many occasions to support teams that were experiencing a decrease in staff or an increase in activity. These communication agencies wanted to make use of a third-party company, of quality and with a clear & optimized process for collaborative production.

Our goal is not to outsource all the stages of production of your web creations, but to work in synergy so that you always keep control of the work in progress. You generally have an internal graphic force with high added value as well as a privileged customer contact that allows you to build a tailor-made specification.

Starting from our white label experiences, we have put together a clear 6-step process, from the creation of the model to the online launch of your digital projects, as well as a detailed price list.

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White label: how does it work?

Start by creating a mockup with as much information as possible about your customer’s desires and wishes, such as animations or technical navigation elements. Subsequently, you will exchange directly with your white label integrator (assigned who will accompany you throughout the mission) to confirm the viability of your project.

After the modeling is validated by all parties, your developer will directly start production and do what is necessary to beat all records for accuracy and speed!

For the recettage part, you will only have to notify the points of modification via our Bugherd. It makes it possible to notify each point of evolution directly on the site in “pre-production” and in all formats.

For this third step, you will be able to present the fully functional website to your customer so that he can try all the features and thus make his return. Subsequently, we will make the changes that you have notified us via our Bugherd.

And finally, the expected time moment! We will put it online directly on the hosting you have communicated to us, we will customize the login page to the image of your client and then we will connect all the statistical monitoring tools so that you can deliver your project 100% functional to your client.

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Questions about our white label service ?

Here is an FAQ developed especially for you about our white label service. It brings together the most frequently asked questions by our customers. Still have questions? Contact us at

What types of content do you integrate ?

In white label integration, everything is possible !

Our web agency can integrate any content whether it is a showcase site, an online magazine or a catalog.

In addition, we also integrate content in different languages. As a digital nomad, it’s even a real pleasure !

What is white label subcontracting ?

White label website creation outsourcing consists of offering your customer portfolio tailor-made websites with the help of a third-party company.

The goal of creating a white label site? That your customers benefit from an innovative service with high added value, with ease!

In which CMS do you integrate ?

As a white label, our specialty is WordPress integration under Elementor pro ! Regarding the integration of web content, we are open to other CMS such as Shopify or Prestashop.

Why outsource website creation and choose a white label provider ?

Our white label service aims to save you time and bring real added value to your communication agency. Indeed, many of our clients do not have the technical skills to create a website. Subcontracting then saves your resources, while enjoying a successful and efficient service.

Outsourcing this web integration mission offers real advantages, whether financial or human!

We use Malt, an external platform that ensures the security of transactions. We send you a quote by e-mail, which you must accept and fund. At the end of the mission, you just have to validate to trigger the payment and the invoice.

Of course, your request is quite feasible and we would be happy to help you! Contrary to what one might think, we regularly have urgent requests that need to be processed quickly. Thus, white label integration in a short time is almost our specialty !

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