Who is behind the DAFT web agency ?

Freelancers in the digital world !

Climber 81%
Dancer 36%
Manga Fan 84%
Digital nomad 95%
Early Riser 65%

Hello! I am Maxime, freelance web developer and first half of DAFT who is dedicated to the creation of websites. Thus, I call on my friends WordPress, HTML, SASS or Boostrap to create a unique project in your image. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to develop sites in From Scratch (by hand).

Computer, tablet or phone, responsive is one of the keys to success for an optimal website.

In addition to all this, I manage the technical part and maintenance. This allows your website to always be in great shape and welcome visitors with its most beautiful uniform.

Outside of work, I’m an adventurer loyal to my dad Indiana Jones. I travel the world in search of social wealth.

Digital nomad 92%
Full-time curious 81%
Yogi 63%
Cider drinker 100%
Meditation 74%

Hello! I’m Marielle, freelance web editor. I am the other half of DAFT and I take care of the web writing. I bring your ideas to life by using the magic of sentences.

To do this, I find the right words, which I mix with your universe, then I incorporate a dose of SEO, an important step to please everyone including robots (zero discrimination). This is the magic recipe of my unique newsrooms!

Because the technique is not only reserved for Maxime, I also manage the integration of content in various CMS or web tools.

My secret to start the day? Meditation, yoga… and a good breakfast! (as they say, food is life.)

Runner 42%
Beer Fan 70%
Geek 87%
Cook 63%
Alien 100%

Because DAFT has no limits and is sociable (promised, we do not bite), it can call on its partners to finalize your web project or meet your expectations.

Because every freelancer is unique, we’ve scoured the galaxy in search of the best, so they’ll dazzle you with their exceptional skills. And then, the more crazy we are, the more we laugh!

Community Management, application development or webmarketing, the daft web agency and its tribe of freelancers have plenty of resources!

It is our digital communication agency ...

Definition of

logo officiel agence web de freelance DAFT

DAFT is the acronym for Digitale Agence Freelance Team.

Small team with a big heart, we like to be called “web agency” despite the fact that we are freelancers.

But that is our strength! We function as the 2 parts of your brain because complementarity has made us great.

Because digital is our jar and we know how to swim like a fish in the water, let yourself be guided to make the most of the currents of the moment.

DAFT = adjective

For those who wouldn’t have chosen English as a first language at school, daft means “idiot” or “fool” (that’s how you prefer).

Although we have light on all floors, we chose this word as the name of the digital agency in order to match the offbeat tone and the original universe of our website.

It’s all about feeling!

Indeed, authenticity, open-mindedness and sharing are important notions for the DAFT freelance team. Thus, we want to create your project TOGETHER (you + us), in all simplicity and in a good mood.

Content integration + web + SEO writing

For example, you need a website that generates the following reaction from the first glance: “I was speechless.”

Otherwise, a web page that can be viewed on any device, and easily editable for you?

Or even a text that talks about you, or that doesn’t but is very, very relevant? OR NOT AT ALL?! then DAFT, digital communication agency, is what you are looking for!

Now it's up to you

Start the adventure with us !