Comparatif eSIM : quel e-sim choisir pour rester connecté en voyage à l’étranger ?

eSIM comparison: which e-sim should you choose to stay connected when traveling abroad?

Electronic SIM cards, or e-SIMs, have become a must-have for all travelers, digital nomads and professionals who want an Internet connection wherever they are. With the evolution of technology, several e-SIM platforms have emerged on the market, offering a variety of options and services. So it can be hard to choose the right one!

How does an eSIM work? How can I stay connected to the Internet while on vacation abroad? What are the best eSIM options for digital nomads? Where to buy an eSIM for your trip? In this article, we’ll explain what an eSIM is for, and compare the 3 main eSIM marketplaces: Mobimatter, Airalo and Nomad. Each with its own unique advantages!

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM, or “embedded SIM”, is a SIM card technology integrated directly into a smartphone, iphone or connected watch. Unlike a physical SIM card, it does not need to be inserted or removed. It’s a solution that makes it possible to connect to different mobile networks around the world without constraint or manipulation. As well as being super-practical when traveling abroad, on a road-trip or on a round-the-world tour, eSIM offers greater flexibility when it comes to choosing operators and packages!

e-SIM comparison: top 3 eSIM providers and marketplaces

Without further ado, let’s discover the ranking of the best e-SIM sales platforms… tested and approved by our DAFT digital nomad team!

Mobimatter: eSIM in over 190 countries

If you’re looking for extensive global coverage combined with ease of use, Mobimatter is the answer!

With Mobimatter, you have access to a multitude of e-SIM plans covering over 190 countries, guaranteeing reliable connectivity wherever you are. Its main advantage lies in its platform, which makes it easy to browse and select the right eSIM plan for your needs, whether you’re on a business trip or on vacation abroad.

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Airalo: local, regional or global eSIMs

Airalo is positioned as an eSIM marketplace offering exceptional flexibility and customization. This platform lets you choose from a multitude of e-SIM plans offered by different operators.

Thanks to its diverse range, it lets you choose the e-SIM plan that best suits your pricing and data needs. With Airalo, you get a seamless, hassle-free experience to stay connected anywhere in the world.

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Nomad: eSIM for travel or business

In addition to offering a varied selection of eSIM packages for numerous destinations worldwide, Nomad stands out for its responsive and professional customer service.

Users benefit from personalized support and dedicated assistance, making it a preferred choice for those seeking worry-free connectivity on the move.

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In short, whether you choose Mobimatter, Airalo or Nomad, you can be sure of finding an e-SIM solution that meets even your most demanding requirements!

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