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Digital nomad guide: essential tools and applications for working and traveling abroad

What are the best tools for digital nomads? What are the essentials for working abroad? How can you simplify and optimize your digital nomad lifestyle? In this article, we reveal the applications and tools that serve us well in our life as a digital nomad. Whether for working online, managing travel, booking accommodation, the Internet and much more!

1. Communication and collaboration

Slack: for team communication and professional discussions, Slack is a must-have tool. You can chat in real time, create project-specific channels and even integrate loads of apps to work even more effectively with your team.

Zoom: for virtual meetings, video calls and webinars, we’ve adopted Zoom! Not only does it enable online meetings, but also screen sharing, real-time collaboration and recording of meetings for future reference.

2. Internet & Telephone

MobiMatter: you can have a SIM card for every country without having to change chips at every border, it’s possible with Mobimatter! You can buy e-SIMs for countries all over the world, stay connected worry-free and avoid costly roaming charges. As a bonus, we’re offering a 50% discount with the code : MAXIM29164

Airalo : Another alternative to Mobimatter is Airalo. It works on the same principle, offering e-sims from all over the world. As a bonus, you’ll be offered $3 with the code : MAXIME1370

Nomad : the Nomad app is great for finding the right package to suit everyone’s needs. We love its filter system. And we’ve got a $3 discount code for you: MAXICBWC

WIFI Map : the thing that makes us love WIFI Map? it finds the nearest wifi. Take advantage of a 10% discount on the purchase of an e-sim + 3% cashback with the code : WELCOME10

3. Project management and productivity

Trello: imagine a giant whiteboard where you organize all your tasks by cards. Trello is great for keeping track of your projects, assigning tasks to everyone and making sure nothing gets missed.

Asana: Asana is our orchestra conductor for managing our projects. You can create to-do lists, assign deadlines and see at a glance where each project stands. A real nugget for staying on track!

4. Working with and storing files

Google Drive: With tools like Google Docs, Sheets and Drive, it’s a complete package for document creation, collaboration and storage. And the best part? Everything is saved in the cloud, so you can access it from any device.

CyberGhost VPN pour travailler en toute sécurité depuis l'étranger - Agence web DAFT

5. Online Security

A VPN is a must-have when traveling! You can surf safely, especially when using public Wi-Fi in crowded places. Here are today’s best VPNs:

6. Travel management

Skyscanner: the essential site for finding the best airfares! You enter your destination, and Skyscanner refers you to all the possible options, so you can choose the flight that suits you best, at the best price. For DAFT, Skyscanner is the reference platform for comparing airline fares and finding cheap airfare.

Google Maps: our ultimate guide to city streets! Thanks to Google Maps, you can find your way around, spot nice places to visit and even discover great places close to home. Conveniently, you can even use Google Maps offline by downloading the maps in advance.

7. Financial Management

Société Générale (SG): thanks to the traveler option on our SG bank card, we have zero charges for payments and withdrawals outside the euro zone. We’ll even give you €80 with our SG referral link.

Boursobank (formerly Boursorama): Boursobank is an online bank with no hidden fees and low exchange rates. Handy for juggling several currencies during our adventures around the world. To spoil you, here’s our referral code, which will give you €80: MACH4125U5

8. Accomodation

Airbnb: our favorite booking application for finding our accommodations abroad for long stays! With Airbnb, you can easily find the right accommodation for you thanks to the various filters. To find out more, take a look at our article on booking accommodation as a digital nomad.

Booking: need to book a hotel for your short break or vacation? Booking lets you easily compare rates for hotels, hostels and rentals worldwide.

Agoda: traveling in Asia? Book your hotels with Agoda! This online rental agency mainly offers accommodation in the Asia-Pacific region. What makes it special? The platform undertakes to refund the difference if you find lower prices on other sites. Take advantage of a 30% discount with our referral link.

Airbnb pour réserver son logement à l'étranger en tant que digital nomad

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