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Nomad is a revolutionary online platform specializing in the sale of eSIMs. It allows you to have an internet connection wherever you are in the world. Its little extra? Its varied range of packages adapted to all needs! In fact, it offers internet packages in more than 165 countries. The icing on the cake is that we have a 3 dollar discount code for you: MAXICBWC

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With Nomad, you no longer need to change your SIM card or desperately search for a Wi-Fi point! You stay connected anywhere in the world thanks to prepaid e-SIMs.

Why choose Nomad for purchasing an eSim?

Connection without borders: with Nomad, you can say goodbye to the hassle of connecting abroad! No more searching for Wi-Fi or changing SIM cards at each border.
Ease of use: their app is simple and intuitive! In just a few clicks, we select the perfect e-SIM package for our adventures.
Customized packages: whether for a short road trip or an expedition around the world, Nomad has packages suitable for all styles of travelers. We choose the one that suits us best and off we go!
Responsive customer service: Their team is always there to answer our questions and help us when needed. You can travel with peace of mind!

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