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A digital nomad's guide: why a VPN like CyberGhost is essential when traveling?

As digital nomads (and proud of it), freedom is our mantra. However, online freedom can often be restricted by geographical boundaries and security risks. How do you watch French TV abroad? How can I work securely from abroad? Why use a VPN when traveling? So many questions that are sometimes left unanswered… Today, we’re going to talk VPN and more specifically the advantages of choosing CyberGhost abroad, whether you’re a digital nomad like the DAFT team, an expatriate or simply on vacation.

What is CyberGhost VPN?

CyberGhost is a leading VPN (virtual private network) service, offering enhanced security and online privacy. By creating an encrypted tunnel between your device and the Internet, it masks your IP address, protecting your data from cyberthreats.

Thanks to its vast infrastructure of global servers, CyberGhost also bypasses geographical restrictions, offering unrestricted access to blocked content. It’s an essential tool for secure browsing and total digital freedom.

The advantages of using CyberGhost VPN when traveling abroad

Here’s how CyberGhost VPN is transforming our digital nomad experience! Before we go any further, we’ve got a surprise for you! Thanks to our referral code, we’re offering you 30 days of CyberGhost VPN premium service.

1. Watch your favorite shows on TV or streaming

Have you ever noticed that certain websites, platforms or TV shows are blocked in certain regions or countries around the world? Or that when you connect to your favorite streaming platform, certain content isn’t playing?

That’s where CyberGhost VPN comes in! It’s our must-have for watching our favorite Netflix series and movies anywhere in the world. It lets us virtually change our location by connecting to a server in a country where the content is accessible.

2. Manage your cryptos securely

For digital nomads or expats investing in cryptocurrencies, security is crucial. Using a VPN like CyberGhost adds a layer of confidentiality when managing your online assets. By masking your IP address, it guarantees your anonymity, reducing the risk of your transactions being monitored or hacked. So, before each connection to Binance, we go through CyberGhost!

3. Secure your bank accounts

The VPN is also our virtual bodyguard for our bank accounts.

Think of it as your own digital fortress. Thanks to its powerful encryption, it transforms your financial transactions into an indecipherable secret code, protecting every euro, dollar or other currency from the prying eyes of cybercriminals. So it hides your identity, even when you’re checking your balances from public Wi-Fi.

You know when a superhero anticipates mischief before it happens? Good news, CyberGhost is equipped with a “kill switch”, an ingenious feature that instantly cuts your Internet connection if your VPN ever falters. So your sensitive data stays safe, even in the event of an outage.

4. Secure your data

Whether you’re working from a coffee shop, the airport or a hotel room, using unsecured public WI-FI exposes you to the risk of hacking and data theft.

The solution? CyberGhost! It will create a secure tunnel for your data, encrypting your Internet traffic.

In short, CyberGhost VPN gives you the freedom to surf the web securely, access geo-blocked content and manage your online finances hassle-free. With it, we explore the world of the web in total security!

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