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Guide for the digital nomad: how to find and book accommodation abroad?​

As a digital nomad, finding the ideal accommodation abroad is essential to guarantee seamless productivity and a rewarding adventure. However, this task can sometimes be difficult and time-consuming. How to find accommodation abroad as a digital nomad? What accommodation should I choose to work from abroad? Discover all our practical advice for finding and booking your accommodation on the other side of the world. Some of these tips even work for expats and travelers.

Vitesse de la connexion internet : le critère numéro 1 pour le choix d'un logement en tant que digital nomad

1. Anticipate to choose better

Before booking the ideal accommodation for your digital nomad activity, the first step is to define your specific needs:

  • Strategic location: take a few minutes and think about your work routine. Do you want accommodation close to coworking spaces and cafes? Do you prefer a quiet residential area? Is public transportation easily accessible?
  • Internet connection: the speed and reliability of the internet connection are essential for working with complete peace of mind. To maintain your productivity, we invite you to look for accommodations with reliable WIFI. To do this, check the advertised speed or ask the host directly. Also, don’t hesitate to consult the reviews which are often full of information! Moreover, we recommend using a VPN like Cyberghost, Nord VPN or Private Internet Access.
  • Flexibility: If you plan to stay in one place for a while (at least 1 month), look for accommodations that offer discounts for extended stays.

2. Use specialized booking platforms

To find the perfect accommodation, we invite you to carry out your search directly on online rental platforms and accommodation reservation sites:

  • Airbnb: it’s truly our favorite platform for finding the ideal accommodation for a digital nomad. Airbnb has the advantage of offering a variety of options, from private rooms to entire homes, and a wide choice of criteria like internet connection and workspaces. In addition, the application highlights long stays and long-term rentals. An ideal filter for digital nomads!
  • Booking: another online booking platform that we appreciate is Booking! Especially for holidays or short stays. It is possible to filter accommodation based on different criteria such as location, Wi-Fi connection or even price.
  • Agoda: If you travel mainly in Asia, we advise you to book your hotel on Agoda. It is truly the online rental agency dedicated to the Asian continent!
  • Nomad communities: to inspire you and give you ideas, do not hesitate to join online forums intended for digital nomads. Some share their experiences and recommendations on accommodation in different regions.
  • Coliving spaces: for travelers who do not want to be alone in their accommodation, coliving can be a good option!
Airbnb pour réserver son logement à l'étranger en tant que digital nomad

3. Take into account the main criteria

When looking for accommodation abroad on the different booking platforms, pay attention to several elements:

  • Reliability of reviews: Reviews from previous guests can provide valuable insight into the actual quality of the accommodation. Look for recurring reviews for potential problems.
  • Cancellation policy: we advise you to opt for accommodation with flexible cancellation policies, because as a digital nomad, we can sometimes change our plans at the last minute depending on our needs and desires.
  • Facilities and services: before booking your accommodation, check if the apartment or house has a dedicated work space, an equipped kitchen, a good internet connection or other services that will make your stay easier. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact the host directly.

4. Bonus: optimize your digital nomad experience

Finally, we would like to give you one last little tip: to use a VPN abroad. This tool is one of the essential tools to have as a digital nomad. To find out more, do not hesitate to read our article: “Why a VPN is essential when traveling?”.

In summary, booking accommodation abroad as a digital nomad requires anticipation and attention to detail. By taking these different tips into account, you will undoubtedly find accommodation suited to your needs as a digital nomad.

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