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Aumax Referral Code for Me

Thanks to the promo code Aumax for me, win 10€ directly on your account for any credit card subscription.

Aumax for me is the commercial name of the Payment Institution Nouvelle Vague, a Breton fintech and subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa group. In September 2017, the company launched a mobile app and a payment account accompanied by a MasterCard bank card.

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  • Marielleaquef
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The advantages of the Max credit card? It is completely free and allows you to travel abroad free of charge (free payments and withdrawals, even at the end of the world). For digital nomads like us, it’s really a must-have!

Plus, what makes it so special is that it’s a map aggregator. In other words, it combines the different bank cards (from various banks) held by the customer. Thanks to the application, you just have to choose which account you want to be debited from. We need only one credit card in our wallet. Practice!

All this to say that we have a surprise for you! We offer you 10€ thanks to our Aumax referral codes for me :
“Marielleaquef” or “Maximeli3iz”.

PS: Both discount codes have exactly the same value. Just choose one to the feeling. 😉






  • Marielleaquef
  • Maximeli3iz

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