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Thanks to the promo code RED by SFR, get a €15 discount by subscribing to a box offer and €10 following the subscription of a mobile offer!

RED by SFR is a subsidiary of the SFR Group, one of the largest telephone operators in France. Specialized primarily in non-binding mobile plans, it also offers box subscriptions with optical fiber, Very High Speed (THD) and ADSL.

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promo codes red by sfr

  • REDA441A95

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As a digital nomad, we need good network coverage and very good throughput. That’s why our web agency DAFT chose RED by SFR! What seduced us at this operator is above all its offer of adjustable, customizable and above all non-binding packages. In addition, it regularly offers promotions and good deals that allow you to have packages or phones at a minimum price!

That’s good, we have a good plan to share with you! We offer you 10€ to 15€ discount thanks to our RED by SFR referral codes :
“REDBD0DEAB” or “REDA441A95”.

PS: Both discount codes have exactly the same value. Just choose one to the feeling. 😉