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Mosalingua is a language learning application that stands out for its method based on spaced repetition and active memorization. It offers more than ten languages ​​such as English, Italian or Japanese. As a bonus, we offer you a 15-day MosaLingua Premium trial + 25% discount with the code: MARIELLE-PREMIUM

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How to learn a new foreign language quickly? Thanks to Mosalingua! His particuliarity ? It offers a teaching method that combines spaced repetition and active memorization. This approach optimizes information retention, thereby speeding up the language assimilation process significantly.

Thanks to quality content created by language experts, this fun and easy-to-use app allows us to optimize our learning time, whether while traveling by bus or train, in local cafes or at the edge of the river. pool.

Whether you are a globetrotter, a diligent student or a professional looking to broaden your horizons, Mosalingua is a must-have for learning new languages. Indeed, its rich and varied resources adapt to all levels, from beginner to intermediate.

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